Colon Cancer-Sandy K.

On Sept. 16, 2009, Re: Colon and Liver Cancer, Sandy K. wrote:

I was diagnosed last July 2008 with neuroendorine carcinoma, the carcinoid tumor found in my colon with mets to my liver (about 75% – 80% of liver involvement).

I never even knew I was sick until I was diagnosed, just a small pain in my liver area. Was running up until 1 week before diagnosis.

Anyway, I was scared into chemo the very next week. 18 rounds of it (3X per week every 3 weeks). Following my first round of chemo, a friend recommended
Essiac tea which I started immediately. I also went to see a naturapath who put me on IP6 and Citrus Pectin, and also no sugar diet and organic vegetables. I never even knew about the Budwig plan until January of this year.

My Pet scan in December was negative but still showed some lesions on my liver and the Oncologist said it will come back very soon and she wanted me to continue with Chemo pills. I refused and went full Budwig plan with some supplements. I kept up with the IP6 and the Citus Pectin which has shown to stop metastisis. I also still take Fish oil, CQ10 and Beta Glucans.

I am very near 100% compliant with the budwig diet, just don’t take Sauerkraut juice.

I have never felt better, I juice every morning – carrot, celery & apple, sometimes beet juice. I drink wheat grass juice at night. I have a salad at noon with the second helping of FOCC. My last 2 Pet scans have been negative with the Oncologist being “shocked”. She said there was still some lesions on my liver but it could very well be scar tissue. I told her the last time that I wasn’t getting another Pet scan until at least 6 months – and maybe more. She was ok with that. I am back to running 3 miles a day and enjoying lots of sunshine (when it’s out 🙂 and meditating almost nightly.

Please don’t give up and listen to the Oncologists. Mine were soooo negative when I first was diagnosed. I refused to believe them – actually my family would not allow me to believe them! Small Cell Neuroendocrine Cancer, so they say, is a poor poor prognosis – so I was told! I don’t listen to “them”. I tell myself every morning that “I’m cancer free, I’m happy, I’m a child of God, etc…” Your body will listen to you.

Take care everyone and most importantly – don’t give up, never never never! Your body can and will heal itself!

Love you all!
Sandy K. 🙂

Sandy K.