Colon Cancer-Michele

On Oct. 14, 2010, Re: Her Mother’s Colon Cancer, Michele wrote:

My 83 year old mother spent 5 weeks in hospital over the summer. She was very poorly and lost 28lbs…the medics found that she had a huge mass in her colon that had adhered to her pelvis, so they couldn’t remove it. A part of her small intestine had also stuck to the tumour. So they cut that bit of the intestine out, but had to leave the tumour. She also had mets to the liver. She was so weak, they said there was nothing they could do and sent her home to…you know what. She’s been on the Budwig since she came home and has put on a bit of weight. Six weeks ago she went back to the surgeon and he was so pleased…At that point they began monitoring her cancer markers….they tested her CA markers again…they’ve gone down. Her original markers were 7.8 and now they’re 6.2…. she has now seen the onc and they want to put her on Xeloda. She has decided it’s her only option….I can’t influence her. Only stand by.