Colon Cancer-Jean K.

On Feb 23, 2018, re: Jean K. wrote:
I got the ‘all clear’ from my Oncologist thanks to the Budwig protocol and Apricot Kernels.
Previously, on Sept 26, 2017, re:Weight Loss  [6 months on BP by 2/23/18] Jean K. wrote:
I am new to this group and was diagnosed with Colon cancer about a month ago.. I have been using Apricot pits since a few days after that and have only been on BP for a couple of weeks. I have lost 4 lbs. I am feeling great and find it hard to believe I am supposed to be sick. This has been a drastic change to my former diet. Is it normal to lose weight beginning the BP? I am going for surgery on Oct 3rd but whatever the outcome, I am determined that I will not do Chemo or Radiation.
Jean K.