Colon Cancer-Denise N.

[Update] On March 22, 2017, Re: Colon Cancer, Denise wrote:
…I am now 6+ years cancer free and remain on the BP.  I plan to remain on it for the rest of my life.  I’m not looking for particular results except to maintain good health and avoid any future cancer development.
However, I met a woman who achieved dramatic results with actually curing her advanced MS with the BP.  She was confined to a wheelchair as a result of the disease’s progression.  At that point, her prognosis was poor and the disease was advancing rapidly.  She made a decision to change everything and abruptly fired her numerous M.D.’s.  At the same time, she discontinued all of her medications and adopted the full BP.  I met her one year later while hiking on Mt. Shasta in California.  She and her husband were carrying full backpacks and were just embarking on a week long backpacking trip up to the mountain top in celebration of her full return to health.  She was middle aged and absolutely sparkled.  Not only was she fit and strong, there was not even the slightest evidence of a limp.
[Initial Message] On January 20, 2017, Re: Colorectal Cancer, Denise also wrote: 
I was diagnosed with Stage IV colorectal cancer with liver metastasis in 2009.  I was given a 15% chance of surviving this long.  I had 1/2 of a course of chemo before my onc. and I agreed that more would likely kill me.  I also had a bowel resection and two separate liver resections.  At the point both my onc. and my liver surgeon told me I, “almost certainly have more liver tumors, they are just not large enough yet to detect”, I adopted the Budwig Protocol [BP].  I had no more allopathic treatment after that.  Now, six years after my last liver surgery, those tumors have never raised their ugly heads and I have been declared cured and released by my oncologist.  I remain committed to the BP, though I made some moderations to the exact protocol.  Nothing significant, just some quirks regarding my own body’s needs.
Denise N.