Breast Cancer with Mets-Jaytee

On Apr. 30, 2011, Re: Breast Cancer with Mets, Jaytee wrote:

In Jan 2011, I had mastectomy of left breast, 32 lymph nodes were involved and i was ready for chemotherapy, even had chemotherapy port inserted. While waiting for recovery of surgery, I discovered BP [Budwig Plan], which I started immediately and followed strictly…after 2 months I went for PET scan and my oncologist said there is no more cancer! The lesion in the liver is gone! Suspected mets at kidney are gone! Suspected involved lymph nodes at chest and neck are gone! I’m so happy! The oncologist said keep up with whatever I’m doing because it’s working! He put me on ca 15.3 cancer marker test and reading was 4.2. I’m normal!

Thank u Dr JB…