Breast Cancer (Stage 4)-Mary C.

On June 1, 2016, Re: Stage 4 Breast Cancer,  Mary C. wrote:
Whether you have cancer or not, you can benefit from Budwig. My husband 
does not have cancer but he eats almost everything I do.

I have stage four breast cancer ( they say I have two years), of which 
part is/was a lymph node that was hard, immoveable, and about 2cm 
square. After five months on Budwig that lymph node tumor shrank in size 
by about one-half, as has another formerly hard mass tumor in my breast. 

As you will see, I do not practice the “perfect” Budwig protocol, and it 
still works for me very well.
Of course your mileage may vary!

Regarding doing the whole protocol, yes, I recommend that. Follow it as 
close as makes sense for you. I say trust your own heart and soul. Never 
let anyone tell you what to do for you. Follow your heart and instinct, 
use forums like this for general guidance. Do your own research, be 
cautious, careful, and skeptical. Sooner or later something will make 
very clear sense to you. It may, or may not be Budwig. While Budwig is 
my personal choice after researching all the others, nothing is perfect.

Next, no matter what alternative cancer treatment program one looks into 
(Gerson, Kelly, Gonzales, etc) one sees that ALL of them recommend a 
mostly vegan diet with the fresh vegetable juices. The exceptions were 
Kelly and Gonzales for a few people, but even with them they mostly used 
vegan diets. I think anyone who has survived cancer past their doctor’s 
forecast would tell you that your diet needs to be about 80 percent raw 
fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, seeds, etc. Actually the Budwig diet is 
considerably more flexible than most other protocols. Whether or not you 
have cancer, it is a good diet. Once a cancer patient makes it clear 
past the five year mark Dr. Budwig allowed some really fun foods.

I found I had to take the flax oil cottage cheese mix twice a day for 
sure. Since I work 12 hours every day driving an 18-wheeler on road 
construction I do not have access to a kitchen for lunch, so I have to 
take my second serving when I get home. Not perfect Budwig protocol but 
it works for me.

Next, I do not use the fresh sauerkraut juice. This is due to the fact I 
do not have time to make it, and I can’t buy it in my area. Further, 
after taking a very close look at what is in sauerkraut juice I found a 
couple of things that have the same ingredients that, as far as I am 
concerned, work just as well. Nor do I use the flax seeds in fruit 
juice. Nor do I use the champagne. Again, there are things that work 
just as well for me instead. 

Regarding your use of supplements, I will say be careful. The problem I 
found was not so much with supplements, but with the type of 
supplements. I stay away from anything that is not a whole food 
supplement, which is anything that is an ‘isolate’. When doing your own 
research on supplements I recommend first determine if whole food or 
isolates were used in the studies you read. Isolates can be dangerous, 
especially to your liver. The problem with isolates is they do not 
include the co-factors necessary to make them work in your body the way 
they need to. There are several very good whole food supplements on the 

If you really want to do supplements right I suggest getting both a 
complete blood panel and a good hair analysis if you have not already. 
These will show you not only what you are getting too much or too little 
of, but more importantly, their ratios in relationship to each other. Be 
careful on the hair analysis as it takes a lab that really knows what 
they are doing. If you do no lab work I suggest to err on the side of 
‘less is more’, not ‘if one is good two is better’. You will find this 
to be the approach in any of the alternative protocols, not just Budwig.

In a perfect world we could get all we need from whole natural food 
diets, and we would not need supplements. In my case I cannot get good 
quality fresh organic produce. I have to drive 55 miles one way to get 
even a few things. I have to special order my cottage cheese and spend 
fours hours once every two weeks to go get it. So I do take supplements. 
They are carefully chosen, and I take them in moderation. The results?

I think Dr. Budwig would be proud of my results. My cancer is going into 
remission with no drugs, no chemo, no radiation, no surgery. I am a 66 
year old women who works circles around men half my age because they eat 
garbage food. 

Forums like this one have been very helpful and I am thankful for them. 
But like I said above, in the end, I say let your own heart, mind, and soul 
make your choices for you.

Concerning lymph nodes one of the best things a person can do for the 
entire lymph system to keep it actively working, that is cleaning out, 
is rebounding on a rebounder. After much research on rebounders I ended 
up with a Cellercize, not the expensive bungee cord Bellicon brand. This 
is because the Cellercize has the best ‘health bounce’ on the market, 
and this health bounce is what is so great for the lymph system. 
Research it and you will find a great deal of evidence to support this. 
Rebound for 10 minutes a day and it does wonders for your lymphatic system.
Mary C.