Breast Cancer-Patricia

On Sept 27, 2007, Re: Breast Cancer, Patricia wrote:

Just a quick note to thank God and to thank you all for your support.
I went to see my oncologist for my once a year visit that is required
for me to keep insurance. I dread it for weeks, and this year was
especially scary because as you all know, I had relapsed with nodes
(4) in my armpit that were the size of grapes on the opposite side
from my primary breast cancer, and stinging pain in two spots in my
back, as well as the same pain in my knee. I did great right off the
bat in June…got swelling that scared me and I quit.

I came back and read the posts and got up my nerve to try again.

So the second go round I used goats milk, but the swelling came up immediately again
and it took about 4 weeks to decrease somewhat. The nodes were going
away when I messed up and ate some chips (a whole bag I am afraid…)
and the nodes jumped right back to original size. I got back on the
program and over the past month I have rescheduled my visit three
times because I didn’t want to have nodes diagnosed.

My back doesn’t hurt anymore and my knee is almost pain free – just a twinge every so often. I finally went today after I couldn’t feel anything there anymore…and guess what – neither did the doctor! I got a “clean bill” today, and you guys all know the story because I have posted all the pieces.

I am happy, and grateful, and amazed, and I just wanted to let you all know. Yes, I know that I am not cancer free – but I am here to tell you that this is better than any chemo or radiation I have ever seen…and I am enjoying my food and my life every day…and I feel good. I know a blessing when I see one…and I see it!