Breast Cancer (Mets to Bones)-Janice A.

On June 12, 2007, Re: Breast Cancer with Mets to Bones, Janice A. wrote:

I too, like Tina, had breast cancer with mets to major bones and spine, my collar bone was deteriorating to the point of being almost flat on the left side, and gave me so much pain I couldn’t lay on my side or sit back sometimes without tears. Within a couple of weeks (back in Feb 2007) my pain, which was pretty excruciating subsided to being manaegable and has continued to get better and better. My health and well being have improved dramatically overall. The lumps in my breast are 75%-80% smaller and my collar bone has grown back some, it now has some shape again and doesn’t hurt hardly at all. I also had a serious heart arrhythmia, I was able, within a month of beginning BP, to discontinue all my meds because it basically disappeared!

I wish you well and hope you will trust in the protocol, if you do it consistently it’s totally amazing!!!

Kindest Regards,

Janice A.