Breast Cancer-Melanie

On Dec. 2, 2011, Re: Breast Cancer, Melanie wrote:

I was diagnosed in 2006 with a highly aggressive (estrogen dominant) breast cancer. Although I had the lumpectomy, I did not opt for the chemo and radiation as was recommended by my surgeon and onc. I then told my surgeon I was going to try an alternative treatment first. She began crying and predicted that “my body would be full of cancer within 2 years”. What she said continued to haunt me every time I had any sort of small (or not so small) negative change in my health. I would always beat myself up, because I should of done the chemo, blah, blah, blah and so on and so forth. I think you know the argument.

The healing of cancer is a long, hard journey. At least for me. There is no question in my mind, that I feel the best I have ever felt since being on the BP. Just before going on the BP, I was in very rough shape. I was confined to my house with pain and fatigue and questioned whether I was going to pull through it. I have thankfully, been able to resume a normal schedule now and am full of energy after 13 months of being on the Budwig Plan.