HER2/neu-positive Breast Cancer-Lynette

On Oct 15, 2003, Re: HER2/neu positive Breast Cancer, Lynette wrote:

I was diagnosed with a her2/neu positive breast lump, 7.5cm,of which only a third could be removed, and not having all options available then as I have now, I started with chemo in January. I had already had 3 treatments, lost all my body hair, got really ill and had my immune system affected adversely, when my dear sister Cheryl in desperation started doing research on my behalf and came across the FO/CC protocol and immediately started me on it. At that time my cancer count was 78. When I had my next full blood count 3 weeks later before the next round of chemo, the count had come down to 43 !!!! I know it was the fo/cc because before that, with just chemo, the count did not move at all. By the time I finished chemo, the count was on 23 and now, 2 months (stopped chemo) later is still coming down.

Also,my Dad who also got lymph cancer this year -can you believe it,was also put on the fo/cc diet and is now in remission ! It’s like a miracle. The huge lumps he had before are now just speckles on his scan.

All I can say is: IT WORKS!!! And I can not thank my sister enough. My life is really back to normal because of her dedication and the fo/cc she fed me ! (am still taking it). I eat it on fruit, jacket potatoes, in fruit shakes, as a dip with raw veggies, with organic honey on crackers.