In March 2004, Re: Osteoarthritis, Carol P. wrote:

EVER SINCE CUTTING OUT THE DRUGS AND CONTINUING WITH THE BUDWIG PROTOCOL, A MIRACULOUS RECOVERY HAS TAKEN PLACE IN MY JOINTS: I have hardly any pain (while in the beginning of the year, the pain issue had taken over my daily life completely), CAN MOVE NORMALLY, and AM FULL OF ENERGY. And this in spite of the fact that in June of this year, I went through the most stressful period of my life when I was arbitrarily evicted from my living space of eight years and my husband received two paycuts reducing our income to survival level…

My diet now consists of some of the following: I eat all whole and living foods, and no sugar. It is mostly vegetarian so I eat many veggies including leek, chives, onions, garlic, cabbage, asparagus, red peppers, brussels sprouts, etc. I have organic cold-pressed flaxseed oil with cottage cheese or yogurt religiously, and also have a lot of fruits, in fact I bought a blender and food processor and now mix different fruits together and make some delicious drinks! You can also mix veggies.

I have had great success in improving my health, but these are just some of the things I have done, as I had no other choice if I was to have excellent health as I had pictured. I might also add that I started taking the soap and neutralizer from Miracle Products, which also helped tremendously so far. I also used to take joint pain cream which helped a lot as well.

Other modalities I have been using are:
I knew that my life was filled with stress, coming from almost every direction, so I had to get a handle on that.. I put a lot of energy into meditating daily, and more than once.. I played relaxing music, read books on self-help and more. I have now a completely different outlook on my life and have managed with the help of a few fantastic friends, family and our Creator, to be more positive and to watch my words, as they have much power. I have learned for instance not to refer to “my osteoarthritis” as I used to (thereby telling my subconscious to continue helping to create it) but to use affirmations such as “I am getting healthier every day”, “my body heals itself”, “I am now healing/healthy” etc. My spiritual belief system has also played a tremendous part in my healing, and whether you call God, or Creator, or Source, has touched me beyond belief and I am ever so grateful.

Another thing I realized was that after my car accident and following surgeries, I had no way of exercising, especially since I could hardly walk… I have a neighborhood pool where I live that is 60 ft. long, so I started going over there every day, and at first I just walked across the pool in the water and discovered that because there’s no gravity, it was for most part, pain free! I then started doing other exercises that involved moving both legs, then added the arms. When I felt comfortable in the water, I started swimming for the first time in years! I did one lap and I can remember that day, as I felt so proud… The next day I did 2 laps.. I kept it up, even when it got painful, as I hadn’t used some of those muscles for years, but was determined to get my health back.. Right now, I do over 1/2 mile everyday (34 laps), so I am not only getting fantastic exercise, which is one of the most important things for your body, but also, I am getting natural vitamin D from the sun.

I have also incorporated some natural herbs, including ginger, turmeric, echinacea, golden seal, ginseng, cayenne, pau d’arco, St. John’s Wort, acidophilus, garlic, seaweed, and I drink tons of water..

I’m still taking lots of natural vitamin supplements, since as I got to feeling so much better, I was afraid to stop any of them, as I didn’t know which ones or maybe all, were helping… (though they clearly hadn’t helped much originally when the health of my joints was further deteriorating leading to the worst continual pain episodes in my life as above described) plus have just ordered some Very Berry from Naturally Women. Some of these have replaced the poisons my doctors were feeding me!

My friend Mary is taking wheatgrass with water, and suggested I do the same for the sometimes swelling ankles.

I know I’ve probably forgotten some things, but this is most of what I’m doing and eating, and my life has improved on every level.. The exercise releases endorphins and my depression has almost gone.. From the swimming, I have now lost 3 sizes and I know this will increase.

I am ever so thankful for all the help and support I received. I wish everyone would go on that Budwig diet as I can see the differences and it’s truly amazing.. I work at it everyday, but never want to go back to the way I was.. This is so nice to be able to do so many things and feel much healthier! It is truly a great gift to have your health.. There was a time when I had thought this was no longer possible, but with knowledge and determination, I have come a long ways! I want to help anyone I can with this, and I share it on a personal level, and would be happy to see it shared on a larger level, to all those that may want to hear it.

Carol P.