Arthritis and Bursitis

I will tell you about my own mother. After my dad was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma he started using the Budwig protocol and in sympathy, my mom started doing the protocol with my dad.

She had bursitis in her hip and very stiff swollen finger joints. She has been battling with arthritis for more than 15 years prior to starting the Budwig protocol. In fact the pain in her hip was so severe that she could not climb stairs. She is 68 and my dad is 71. After 3 months on the protocol her hip has totally recovered and she now literally runs up and down stairs. She also has full movement in all her fingers and totally and completely stopped using all the pain killers. After some research I discovered that certain foods should be avoided namely nightshade family vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and peppers. We included MSM, ginger (fresh) and bromelain, either in capsule form or simply by eating pineapple. Also, prior to the Budwig protocol she hardly ever sat in the sun because of her very sensitive skin. Now, breakfast and sometimes lunch is served outside on the patio, ‘Al Fresco’, and both my parents get at least 20 minutes of sun every day.

The improvement is remarkable and my mom cannot stop talking about how wonderful she feels. If you need more info or if you would like to write to my mom you can contact me off the list and I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to tell you about her dramatic improvement herself.