Aggressive Prostate Cancer-George

I am an 84 year old expat who has been resident in Thailand for the past 19 years. In August 2009 I was diagnosed with very aggressive prostate cancer with a PSA test figure of 25 (4 usually denotes the presence of cancer). Two weeks later it had risen to 42. The oncologist was so surprised at the rapid rise that he had a further sample of my blood sent to an independent lab for confirmation.

I believe that massive quantities of chemotherapy killed my son at the age of 39 who was suffering from Hodgkins Disease, (cancer of the lymph glands) which has a cure rate of nearly 50% using conventional medication. Understandably, I had no wish to undergo this treatment and was guided to a site on the Internet which advocated the Budwig Diet as a cancer cure, with little, if any, side effects. At this time my weight dropped dramatically by 22% and I was embarrassed to be seen in public. When I put on my jacket, I looked like a clown, and I had to buy a new set of clothes. This downward spiral of weight loss is called cachexia and is associated with the cancer condition. A thorough search of the Net indicated that there is no cure. No amount of food eaten increased my weight. The information I received stated that only way to deal with cachexia is to cure the cancer, which I did using the Budwig Diet.

After my diagnosis I cancelled a biopsy, as the advice I received regarded this as an unnecessary procedure and could spread the cancer cells, and I went straight on to the Budwig diet. I consumed 4 tbsp Cottage Cheese and two tbsp flax oil twice a day and added half a pineapple and two tbsp ground flaxseed for a potent mixture. Quantities of veg and fruit were also eaten and I included papaya. Dr Budwig mentioned that both pineapple and papaya are good fruits as they are strong in enzymes which assist in the digestion of food and are regarded as cancer fighters. I am fortunate that these fruits are readily available here all the year round and are cheap, but they can be purchased frozen in cooler climates. Incidentally, juiced carrots have been found to be very beneficial and I eat a lot of them. I was very fortunate to witness a good friend who had been suffering from skin cancer for ten years without a cure. His Thai wife put him on a diet of this juice, combined with coffee enemas, and within a matter of weeks new pink skin started to grow over his unsightly lesions. We were all very impressed. It is important to understand the narcissist definition and the condition better,

After about seven months when a test showed that my cancer had halted and was retreating, I began to regain my lost weight and I have returned to the weight that I enjoyed when I was 65, which is 66 kilos. Many of my friends tell me that I look twenty years younger and my body shape bears this out. The arthritis in my hands has also disappeared, another claimed benefit of this diet. The benchmark five year survival rate for prostate cancer patients undergoing chemo is 0.08%. I survived using only Johanna Budwig’s method. Since my diagnosis, I have not returned to the hospital. I have not seen a doctor nor taken any medication. I cured myself at home and prepare all the food myself. I make the cottage cheese at home using an inexpensive electric yogurt maker to make the yogurt from dairy milk bought from the local store which is then drained through a very fine sieve in the fridge (some folks use a cloth). The cheese practically makes itself with very little input required.

After five years on the diet it is generally agreed that a cure has occurred. However, some advocate eight years. I still follow the diet, but I don’t consume quite as much of the flax oil/cottage cheese mixture. The important thing is to stick it out for the duration. Strong support from your loved ones is a help. Of course, it goes against common medical practice, so you have to believe that stage 4 cancer can be cured by food alone. It is not a miracle. It is just good science. I wish you the best of luck.