Advanced Prostate Cancer-Ian

On Jan. 8, 2016, Re: Advanced Prostate Cancer, Ian wrote:

Yes, one month is not long on BP I have been on it for two years. My PSA started out at 265, rose to 440 and dropped back to a low 14 all in 5 months. I too am on the injection. I started with stage 4 prostate cancer and my doctor was only giving me this as palliative care. My doctor does not know what to make of me now. I am still working as a gardener and small scale landscaper. I had a 30mm tumor when first tested and mets on my spine with pain. After one year on BP my tumor has shrunk to 7mm and my back is pain free. Everyone thinks I look better than ever. The main thing is not to stress out about the numbers and stay calm about everything.