On March 11, 2024, re: Stage 4 Lung Cancer, Rod H. wrote:

“I healed stage 4 lung cancer by following the Budwig diet.
It is without doubt that I would not be alive today if not for flaxoil2. Many thanks, Sandra. I forward people to your site when they ask about the Budwig Protocol, as it is the best source for the facts. Hopefully a few hang around for your extras.
When I couldn’t get enough direct sun in winter, I dosed high on vit d3 along with k2 and magnesium to make up for it and it seems to have worked.
Dr Budwig felt all nutrients should come naturally through diet and did not care for man-made supplements. I supplemented vit d the entire time because I didn’t have much time, nor the climate, for sunbathing. Also k2, magnesium and zinc. B12 is also permitted as a vegan diet is lacking in it. I started coffee enemas about 6 months into the journey. Soon afterward, my headaches that I had suffered for over a year, 24/7, vanished.
Fruit, berries and vegetables provide much needed nutrients and should not be avoided because of any fear of their “sugar” content. Juicing is a large part of BP.
I also have used Daisy 2% cottage cheese to blend with the flaxseed oil. I used Piping Rock or Puritan’s Pride flax oil. They cost a whole lot less, and seems to work just as well, as I am still here. I don’t think it is possible to eat all the foods suggested. I eventually dropped the lunch salad and only made juice for lunch, myself. I didn’t try to eat beans every day. I had soup for evening dinner twice a week, and in the soup I added beans or lentils.
On the other days that I ate cooked food it was a varied combination of beets, asparagus, green beans, mushrooms, peppers, etc over quinoa or brown rice with oleolux. On alternating days I ate raw cruciferous veggies, dipping them in a “dressing” made from flax oil, olive oil, pumpkinseed oil and ACV. On those days I also included raw organic almonds for extra protein.
I know Budwig works, and never had one problem with the cottage cheese. I also treated myself to the “extra” cheese 😉  I was still doing the protocol up until 2022, Budwig is the reason I am still alive now over 8 years since dx stage 4 lung cancer.
Cancer hasn’t gotten smarter over time, so I wouldn’t be too concerned with how current a testimonial is. The protocol and diet work in concert across time. The Budwig plan kept me alive during and after stage 4 lung cancer. I follow the diet as best I could, sometimes I had a weakness. I found that when I strayed too far from the fundamentals of the diet, I regressed.”