On Tuesday, September 4, 2018, re: Stomach Cancer, Angie S. wrote:

Thank you to the kind people who have taken the time to email reassurances and encouragement to me re my recent posts about my husband’s stomach cancer. We have been very concerned about increasing abdominal pain. Tonight we ended up the the emergency room. He was in an auto accident last week, and we started to wonder if there has been some kind of undiagnosed traumatic injury. Of course we were even more afraid of hearing that the cancer had spread significantly, since he has not had any conventional treatment for three months. The average life expectancy for this cancer is only 8 months from the time of diagnosis, even with treatment.

The CT results came back negative for any kind of trauma. Even more exciting, all of the metastases in his abdomen are gone. There is still some cancer in his stomach, but it is reduced. The oncologist had told us that there was virtually no hope of getting to this level of improvement with conventional treatment. We have cried many tears of gratitude and joy tonight.

The doctor has no explanation for the abdominal pain. She said even a small bruise on the surface should be visible on the CT, so she doesn’t attribute it to the accident. I have to wonder if there has some kind of healing reaction going on. We are hoping it will resolve with time since we haven’t been able to find a cause.

We will be continuing the Budwig protocol with increased confidence and determination!


Angie S.

Three months ago I was diagnosed with stomach cancer stage IV (adenocarcinoma ventriculi) with metastasis on lymphatic nodes in stomach area Wirchov node and carcinosis of peritoneum. It was inoperable and my doctor suggested chemo. I started with chemos but two months ago my bio-therapist introduced me Budwig protocol. …(I started BP after my first chemo and had two chemos during BP. I decided to quit chemos before exams…). I started with BP (all, FOCC and ELDI oils) and yesterday went to evaluation exams… All metastases disappeared, and on Doppler my doctor could not see the tumor (which was 7 cm diameter last august)on my stomach… I have to do the gastroscopy and PET CT but this is a very good news 🙂 Also, all tumor markers (AFP, CEA, C19-9) are negative.


On Jan. 11, 2011, Re: Stage 4 Stomach Cancer, SG wrote about her sister:

CT scan: No sign of any new mets; old tumors in axillary lymph nodes have collapsed into scar tissue; no sign of cancer in the stomach area WE ARE ALL SO RELIEVED!!…she has been off chemo since Aug 2010, and she has been on BP the entire time. The cancer has not grown or metastasized to any new locations despite the fact that she has a very aggressive type of cancer – I am convinced that the BP is keeping her cells healthy…