“I have diffuse large B-cell NH lymphoma. It is a fast and aggressive form, and I have outlived my expiration date by 9 years. Budwig was the first diet change I made, and I also used a Chinese herb called Oncolyn after my surgery to remove the initial tumor. Budwig will surely help to keep your body able to heal and regenerate well. All blessings to you ❤️

- Mary G.

On January 18, 2019, at 01:22, re: Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Katherine T. wrote:  

Hello All, Let me share my husband, Robert’s, Story: He developed Non-hodgkins lymphoma about 15 years ago, (stage 4 with golf ball size tumors on his neck). Doctors insisted on chemo/radiation, which seemed counter intuitive to him.  

Serendipity struck and Rob discovered the Budwig Protocol at a time when his disease was becoming particularly aggressive. (about seven years ago). Robert diligently followed the protocol, to the letter! From the proper preparation of the formula to all diet recommendations, sunlight and exercise requirements etc. Today, according to his doctors, his cancer is considered “non-detectable”. Beside initially using a raw diet recommended by the Hippocrates Institute (which he no longer follows), this was the only “treatment” he used to achieve this.  

And the most amazing thing was that he began improving (the tumors started shrinking in about 3 days), discomfort vanished etc. In our research on Dr. Budwig she did mention that this protocol works very quickly, which is one reason why she was so successful treating patients who had exhausted other options and were considered “lost causes”. In any event, I wanted to offer encouragement by sharing this VERY true and remarkable experience. We were so amazed and overwhelmed by his success that we began using the protocol on pets with cancer, with equally remarkable results.  

Robert is now 70, healthier than before the cancer, and eager to share his experience and help anyone else navigate this scary course. He would be happy to speak with anyone personally. Not sure if I can leave his contact info, or how that works though. One note: Robert is a very disciplined person, and this protocol is very specific in its preparation etc. He has found that most people think it can be modified to their tastes and convenience.  

VERY IMPORTANT: Must be followed exactly as prescribed by Dr. Budwig to be effective. She used NO SUPPLEMENTS! And antioxidents supplements are especially bad as you are trying to oxidate the cells. And the excercise/sunlight component is extremely important, likewise the green drinks. A clean diet goes without saying. 

There is a plethora of very good (and some inaccurate unfortunately) info on the web, good to do the research. So hang in there, I am positive this protocol can heal you also. 


Katherine T.

On Sept. 30, 2007, Re: Advanced Lymphoma & Bone Cancer, Jodee wrote:

“Got the P.E.T. Infusion reports on [my daughter] Annette’s lymphoma…
The tumors on her liver, in her chest, stomach, all gone. Dead. Her
bone cancer is still decreasing but also still there. Dr Suarez said…he has
never seen a patient with advanced cancer react like this, from a diet. All of
her blood work is normal. This is the first time in 4 years that this has
happened. I again thank Dr Budwig for everything as well as everyone on this
site…Remember M.D. Anderson. A cancer hospital in Houston, Texas sent her
home in April to die. To anyone, keep doing the protocol. It works.”

Update, Jan. 12, 2008, Jodee wrote:

“Annette’s newest test shows even more improvement. Dr Suarez said even
some of the lesions on the bones are disappearing. She still has some active
cancer in the center of the bones but he said it is still dying out. No lymph
nodes are active. We are still doing the same things, nothing different.


On 28 Apr 2017, Re: T-Cell Lymphoma, Gary M. wrote:
Thanks for all the great advice and recommendations !! Plus update on my father who was sent home from hospital ( nothing they could do anymore) with a couple of weeks to live !!! [My father has t-cell lymphoma & began the Budwig plan8 weeks along , tumor has basically reduced to nothing and he is now eating again , plus is not confined to his bed as he has the energy to walk unassisted with a Zimmer frame !!!  His homecare  nurse can not believe the change , so a big thumbs up from me.
Thanks again Gary

Gary M.

On July 9, 2004, Bob S. wrote:
After switching to a handheld blender there was never 
the slightest trace of oil separating. When I have had to be away
from home over night I mix a batch and carry it in a small cooler.
24 hours later there is no separation.
What I’ve been doing the last 2 years must have done some good.
I was in for a checkup yesterday and my Dr. told me the Ct and pet
scans they had recently taken showed no sign of cancer (Non Hodgkins).

Bob S.

On Feb 5, 2015, Re: Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Elle (89 at the time) wrote:

My penny’s worth. It is very difficult to go against your Oncologists advice and you need to do a lot of research and praying. I did both Chemo & Radiation in 2008 for stage 2 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in my Tonsils across my palate with the tumor coming out under my left ear. My body refused the last 4 Radiations and I have spent the last 6 years trying to heal my body from the lasting after effects. My Oncologist retired and a new one wanted me to start with surgery, then Chemo followed by Radiation for a stage 1 Endometrial cancer. I already knew about the Budwig protocol and its success but only found this web site a short time ago. 

I immediately knew I would not follow the Dr’s advice and started the protocol after the last Pet/sc showed a small increase and a suspicious spot on my lung last August. Don’t know how the cancer is doing now but after a hard time getting to be able to swallow the oil & cc, I finally feel better than I have since early 2008. which is a miracle to me. This site has been my only encouragement through this and I am sure that reading the posts will help you and anyone else to make the right decision for their body and the protocol will give them the strength to follow it.



On Mar. 7, 2009, Re: Retroperitoneal Lymphoma, Bob B. wrote:

I was diagnosed with a retroperitoneal lymphoma growth of 55 mm by 40 mm at the end of last November and sent to an oncologist who recommended chemotherapy possibly followed by radiation therapy…I decided to follow the Budwig route because it made sense to me and started in the third week of January. I have followed it closely…I also do positive healing visualisation…The payoff was last week. An ultrasound scan showed that the tumour had shrunk 50%!

Bob B.

On Nov 3, 2003, Re: Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, Jim A. wrote:

i have had non hodgkins lymphoma on and off since age 17, i am now 42. I have had heaps of chemo, radiation, surgery and cobalt. Nothing has ever come close to easing the symptoms or the illness. This is my 5th re-occurance and i have decided against any treatment this time, i believe i wouldnt survive another round of chemo {chop}, instead i decided to read everything i could find on alternatives.


A friend sent me an email about a Dr Joanna Budwig and i can honestly say i havnt looked back since.


This time the cancer is in my left leg, i have a large tumor wrapped around my leg like a snake, the swelling was unbelievable as was the pain. My onco warned me that without treatment i would lose the leg and possibly my life, that was 7 months ago, after 1 and a half months on the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese and a total change of diet the swelling went away and i could once more walk without the aid of crutches or walking stick, i can even kick a ball around the yard with my son. I dont care how or why this oil and cottage cheese works, i just count my blessings that it does. 


Why are our doctors so blind and arrogant to this fact?



Jim A

Jim A.