On May 17, 2019, Re: Lung Cancer, Doebucky wrote:


Dear Group,

I just came from my Oncologist for my 4-month checkup and CT.  CT showed no tumor growth at all since the previous CT.  So, in 15 months since I started the Budwig Protocol my metastasized tumors shrunk 50% and since have been totally static.  No growth or new tumors at all.  Thank you Dr. Budwig and those who carry on her work.  I am alive and healthy today due to your work.


Initial Message from Doebucky:

I had radiation on my primary tumor area following radical hysterectomy in 2015.  This was prior to becoming knowledge about alternative therapies.  And, I suffered two fractures in my back from the radiation that cause me chronic pain and a degree of disability that will continue probably for the remainder of my life due to the bone damage and inability to properly heal.   Had I known about Budwig then I never would have consented to radiation.

But, once it was confirmed the cancer spread to my lungs, I refused all conventional treatments and immediately started the Budwig Protocol.  I was diagnosed stage IVb and the doctors at both Mayo and MD Anderson told me I would soon be dead without chemo or immunotherapy.  When I presented them with a list of questions they had to admit their therapies could at best offer me 2 or 3 additional months of life- but at what cost?

Their answers to my questions and previous experience convinced me that refusing their destructive therapies was the best option.  I then started researching and read about Dr. Budwig’s work and jumped on board.  I was thrilled to learn the science behind her findings and never looked back.


On Sep. 18, 2014, Re: Lung and Breast Cancer, Nathalie wrote:

I had a PET scan this morning and found out that my bone metastasis are mostly gone or became inactive, still some cancer activity in the lung and breast, but much lower than 4 months ago! I feel relieved to be on the good way, as up till now did not really know what to think about my symptoms persisting (fatigue, burning back pains, low appetite and sleeplessness), but I am so confident and happy to have found this group and the Budwig breakfast and dessert.


On Jun. 2, 2013, Re: Lung Cancer, Joy wrote:

I have NSCLC, diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago with 2 tumors in the right lung, some involvement with my thyroid and a lymph gland near it..I was never told what stage I was, only that I would die in 9 months if I refused surgery, chemo and radiation, which I refused. 3 months after starting Budwig the Thyroid & Lymph gland involvement disappeared & the tumors in my lung stopped growing and remained stalled in growth until 6 months ago when a PET scan showed the tumors were ‘greatly diminished’. I have felt perfectly normal all this time and lead an active life…

Update On Mar. 18, 2014:

Fabulous news! My recent CAT scan reported: ‘no evidence of neoplastic disease’ (no lung cancer). I’m amazed! My last scan in Oct showed the two tumors in my right lung (non small cell adenocarcinoma) simply stalled in their tracks…all my scans for the past 3 2/3 yrs have shown the same thing- but now a CAT scan just 4 1/2 months later can find no cancer at all. I’m thrilled! YAAAY!! Keep doing the Budwig protocol- it works!


On Apr. 8, 2010, Re: Lung Cancer, Denis wrote:

Yes, my 88-year-old Mom was diagnosed with Non small cell lung cancer in March of 2008, stage IV. She has had very good results with the Budwig Protocol and has continued to see her tumor ‘lose its density’….flax seed oil was very good for her heart AND her mood. Just weeks after she began the the cottage cheese and flax oil, the positive effects were noticeable. She also does Essiac tea twice day, juices almost daily and takes lapacho essence. Prayer has also played a big part in her continuing recovery.


On Dec. 29, 2009 Re: Non Small Cell Adenocarcinoma, Nancy wrote:

Yes, approximately 12 months ago I was diagnosed with stage 3b non small cell adenocarcinoma and given 6 to 8 months to live. Today I am Cancer Free. I did follow the Budwig diet which was very helpful. But in my case it was much more than diet alone. I am a christian and realized that dealing with deep unforgiveness & bitterness played a huge roll in my healing.


On Nov. 2, 2009, Re: Small Cell Lung Cancer, Mona wrote:

My mom was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and has been on Budwig for 3 months, last PET scan everything was half the size. I believe it really works!