On February 27, 2019, on our Budwig-Vidoes Facebook page, Gabreiella V. wrote:  
11 years ago I’ve been diagnosed with HER2/neu breast cancer.
I followed Budwig protocol and here I am today better than I could ever imagine. Was the best choice I ever did !!!

Gabreiella V.

On 26 Mar 2017, Re: Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer, Julie H. wrote:
I joined the group in January this year but have not been an active participant. I was diagnosed on 2.1.17 with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and after reading and researching extensively about cancer protocols for a few years now I started with the Budwig diet together with some recommended supplements. I am lucky to be living in Switzerland and have access to organic quark, kefir and linseed oil and seeds. I can also buy all my food organic and find it relatively cheap here. I am also lucky enough to have access, through the Swiss public health system, to an anthroposophic hospital that practices anthroposophic oncology. In late February, along with Budwig, I started to take mistletoe injections and infusions. I also take Herceptin as I have HER2 cancer. 

My anthroposophic oncologist called on Friday to say she was surprised to find that my tumor markers have reduced by half from 330 to 140. I am ecstatic. I know they are still high but she stated, and I agree, that this happened relatively quickly. 

I wanted to share this news with the group as another example of Budwig helping to heal cancer.

Love and health to all,
Julie H.

Julie H.

On April 6, 2017, Re: Inflammatory Breast Cancer, stage IV, Kristen R. wrote:
I have been a member of this group for a little over two years.  I was diagnosed with HER2 Inflammatory Breast Cancer Stage IV February 24, 2015. I was given a very bad prognosis because the cancer had spread to my lymphs, adrenals and bones and it was recommended that I take 6 rounds of Chemo, followed by Surgery and then Radiation.  Due to the aggressiveness of the cancer I agreed to the Chemo. I also instantly started the Budwig Protocol and did both treatment therapies (conventional and BP) simultaneously. I followed the protocol as much as possible,adding regular exercise and herbal tinctures.
I completed six rounds of chemo (Taxatare, Projeta, Herceptin and also Lupron hormone shots due to the estrogen nature of the cancer) and then continued maintenance of herceptin. Originally it was recommended that I take Herceptin every 3 weeks, but as my tumor markers decreased, I was able to request spreading the treatments farther apart. I am now on every 6 weeks Herceptin and Every 12 weeks Lupron! I am inching away from the medication. It is a matter of time before I will be free of the medication. 
For me, this journey has been a faith walk to trust and believe in the healing power of Jesus…
I wanted to post my most recent results with the group as encouragement for us all.  I received my most recent PET scan two days ago. CANCER HAS BEEN REVERSED! There was no mention of cancer at all on the report. My lymph-nodes, and adrenals are free of cancer, and the lesions on my bones have resolved. The scan showed small benign tumors.  I am so grateful to God for his healing, and for this group for the help, support, and information sharing! I know that I must continue the fight to remain healthy, but this is one heck of a milestone to encourage me to stay the course! My doctors were amazed! They all say “whatever it is your’e doing – don’t stop! keep it up”  I am feeling better than I have in many MANY years! I have more energy, and feel so much emotional peace! 
I want you to know that I pray for all of us everyday.  Hang in there, no matter what don’t give up, hold on to your faith.
Warm Regards,

Kristen R.

On June 1, 2016, Re: Stage 4 Breast Cancer,  Mary C. wrote:
Whether you have cancer or not, you can benefit from Budwig. My husband 
does not have cancer but he eats almost everything I do.

I have stage four breast cancer ( they say I have two years), of which 
part is/was a lymph node that was hard, immoveable, and about 2cm 
square. After five months on Budwig that lymph node tumor shrank in size 
by about one-half, as has another formerly hard mass tumor in my breast. 

As you will see, I do not practice the “perfect” Budwig protocol, and it 
still works for me very well.
Of course your mileage may vary!

Regarding doing the whole protocol, yes, I recommend that. Follow it as 
close as makes sense for you. I say trust your own heart and soul. Never 
let anyone tell you what to do for you. Follow your heart and instinct, 
use forums like this for general guidance. Do your own research, be 
cautious, careful, and skeptical. Sooner or later something will make 
very clear sense to you. It may, or may not be Budwig. While Budwig is 
my personal choice after researching all the others, nothing is perfect.

Next, no matter what alternative cancer treatment program one looks into 
(Gerson, Kelly, Gonzales, etc) one sees that ALL of them recommend a 
mostly vegan diet with the fresh vegetable juices. The exceptions were 
Kelly and Gonzales for a few people, but even with them they mostly used 
vegan diets. I think anyone who has survived cancer past their doctor’s 
forecast would tell you that your diet needs to be about 80 percent raw 
fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, seeds, etc. Actually the Budwig diet is 
considerably more flexible than most other protocols. Whether or not you 
have cancer, it is a good diet. Once a cancer patient makes it clear 
past the five year mark Dr. Budwig allowed some really fun foods.

I found I had to take the flax oil cottage cheese mix twice a day for 
sure. Since I work 12 hours every day driving an 18-wheeler on road 
construction I do not have access to a kitchen for lunch, so I have to 
take my second serving when I get home. Not perfect Budwig protocol but 
it works for me.

Next, I do not use the fresh sauerkraut juice. This is due to the fact I 
do not have time to make it, and I can’t buy it in my area. Further, 
after taking a very close look at what is in sauerkraut juice I found a 
couple of things that have the same ingredients that, as far as I am 
concerned, work just as well. Nor do I use the flax seeds in fruit 
juice. Nor do I use the champagne. Again, there are things that work 
just as well for me instead. 

Regarding your use of supplements, I will say be careful. The problem I 
found was not so much with supplements, but with the type of 
supplements. I stay away from anything that is not a whole food 
supplement, which is anything that is an ‘isolate’. When doing your own 
research on supplements I recommend first determine if whole food or 
isolates were used in the studies you read. Isolates can be dangerous, 
especially to your liver. The problem with isolates is they do not 
include the co-factors necessary to make them work in your body the way 
they need to. There are several very good whole food supplements on the 

If you really want to do supplements right I suggest getting both a 
complete blood panel and a good hair analysis if you have not already. 
These will show you not only what you are getting too much or too little 
of, but more importantly, their ratios in relationship to each other. Be 
careful on the hair analysis as it takes a lab that really knows what 
they are doing. If you do no lab work I suggest to err on the side of 
‘less is more’, not ‘if one is good two is better’. You will find this 
to be the approach in any of the alternative protocols, not just Budwig.

In a perfect world we could get all we need from whole natural food 
diets, and we would not need supplements. In my case I cannot get good 
quality fresh organic produce. I have to drive 55 miles one way to get 
even a few things. I have to special order my cottage cheese and spend 
fours hours once every two weeks to go get it. So I do take supplements. 
They are carefully chosen, and I take them in moderation. The results?

I think Dr. Budwig would be proud of my results. My cancer is going into 
remission with no drugs, no chemo, no radiation, no surgery. I am a 66 
year old women who works circles around men half my age because they eat 
garbage food. 

Forums like this one have been very helpful and I am thankful for them. 
But like I said above, in the end, I say let your own heart, mind, and soul 
make your choices for you.

Concerning lymph nodes one of the best things a person can do for the 
entire lymph system to keep it actively working, that is cleaning out, 
is rebounding on a rebounder. After much research on rebounders I ended 
up with a Cellercize, not the expensive bungee cord Bellicon brand. This 
is because the Cellercize has the best ‘health bounce’ on the market, 
and this health bounce is what is so great for the lymph system. 
Research it and you will find a great deal of evidence to support this. 
Rebound for 10 minutes a day and it does wonders for your lymphatic system.

Mary C.

On Oct 15, 2003, Re: HER2/neu positive Breast Cancer, Lynette wrote:

I was diagnosed with a her2/neu positive breast lump, 7.5cm,of which only a third could be removed, and not having all options available then as I have now, I started with chemo in January. I had already had 3 treatments, lost all my body hair, got really ill and had my immune system affected adversely, when my dear sister Cheryl in desperation started doing research on my behalf and came across the FO/CC protocol and immediately started me on it. At that time my cancer count was 78. When I had my next full blood count 3 weeks later before the next round of chemo, the count had come down to 43 !!!! I know it was the fo/cc because before that, with just chemo, the count did not move at all. By the time I finished chemo, the count was on 23 and now, 2 months (stopped chemo) later is still coming down.

Also,my Dad who also got lymph cancer this year -can you believe it,was also put on the fo/cc diet and is now in remission ! It’s like a miracle. The huge lumps he had before are now just speckles on his scan.

All I can say is: IT WORKS!!! And I can not thank my sister enough. My life is really back to normal because of her dedication and the fo/cc she fed me ! (am still taking it). I eat it on fruit, jacket potatoes, in fruit shakes, as a dip with raw veggies, with organic honey on crackers.


On January 23, 2008, Re: Male breast cancer, high blood pressure & heart problems, Rebecca J. wrote:

My husband and I have been following the Budwig protocol for nearly four years now. I do not have cancer but my husband has/had male breast cancer, diabetes type 2, arthritis, high blood pressure and heart problems. He had radical mastectomy surgery in June 2004 and the cancer had infiltrated the chest wall and progressed to his lymph glands. He refused chemotherapy, hormone treatment and all ‘anti cancer’ drugs offered and has relied almost exclusively on Budwig since diagnosis. He did however accept a course of radiotherapy after surgery with very unpleasant side effects.

We try to follow the programme as faithfully as possible but have had a few serious lapses with resulting hikes in blood test results…however he has never suffered a day’s illness or pain and his diabetes is under control (he stopped taking medication for this two years ago but continues with beta blockers for the time being as it requires medical supervision to wean off them and we have enough problems with our doctor without yet another battle just yet).

I can’t say he is cured but he exhibits no obvious signs of breast cancer and appears to be in good health for a 75 year old.

I too suffered from high blood pressure and arthritis and believe the protocol has lowered the BP and eased the pain in my knees, shoulders, wrists and hips. I do not take any medication. I do still suffer at night but if I stop Budwig for even a couple of days the pain becomes much worse.

Rebecca J.

Update, 2012, Re: Estrogen Positive Breast Cancer with Mets to the bone, Daphne wrote:

…results of my annual “szinti”. Nothing new…old hotspot where I had had a back fracture from an accident has disappeared…I am a 12.5 year survivor of advanced BC. I still take the BP on a daily basis and love it.


I was also diagnosed DCIS in March 2012 and started BP right away. I chose to take my own risk not to do surgery as I don’t believe it will help. In end June, I did a thermograph & blood test. Both came back normal. I am feeling great. No drop in energy level at all.


On Sep 3, 2015, Re: Invasive ductal carcinoma ER&PR+, Marlene E. wrote:
I was diagnosed nearly 2.5 years ago with invasive ductal carcinoma ER&PR+ 
I refused all surgery chemo and Radiation. For the first 8 months I spent an absolute fortune on supplements, naturopaths, IV’s, etc. Then I heard about the Budwig diet. I now just do the Budwig diet with lots of flaxseeds etc and I am doing really good. I do homeopathy to help out with my hormones. I still have my tumour which seems smaller which I monitor with thermograms ( I am due one) and I also do regular Navarro tests . 
I also avoid stress, it is a big factor … About a year ago we had an issue with our daughter which was stressful and the tumour grew … But when I unstressed, it went back down so the Budwig diet is great for breast cancer !!!!

Marlene E.

On Dec. 5, 2014, Re: Breast Cancer, Kate wrote:

I have been on Budwig protocol for about 3 years and something very interesting is happening. First, my cancer disappeared. And slowly but surely my hair is turning color. I had turned almost completely white when I was diagnosed…but in the last year I have slowly but surely turned blonde!  And that is beginning to darken in a few spots too. I can think of no other reason for this…I just had a check up and am still cancer free so I am sort of ‘dancing in the streets’.


On Oct. 21, 2014, Re: Breast Cancer, Dan (Ace Pilot) wrote:

My niece did the full Budwig plan many years ago, she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, refused chemo because it would do harm to her fetus. That was over eighteen years ago, she not only saved her baby but stopped the cancer too. She continues to do the preventive Budwig to this day.


On Sep. 18, 2014, Re: Breast Cancer, Kathleen wrote:

After my lumpectomy in 2011, I went on the Budwig diet and decided not to see an oncologist as they wanted me to do radiation and chemo and I refused, also it would cost $200 just to walk in his office. Can buy a lot of cottage cheese and flax oil with that. I am 73, have had ultrasounds and thermograms and so far so good.


To date, my wife has been tumour free since the original surgery (July 2012). She has never had chemo. However, she is not completely cancer free as her HCG test score is stable in the low 50s. She started taking the Budwig mix twice a day from 1st Aug 2012 and after her HCG score fell to 52 ( about 18 months) she switched to once a day. I am completely convinced of the huge benefits of the Budwig flaxseed oil and cottage cheese mix.


On Aug. 7, 2012, Re: DCIS Breast Cancer, Kathy S. wrote:

I was diagnosed with DCIS [breast cancer] in Nov 09. I did FOCC twice a day until the Navarro test and the blood test my oncologist did showed I was cancer free. I opted to not do the lumpectomy. I just had the biopsy and Budwig Protocol. Now I do FOCC for breakfast only but follow the rest of the protocol. I’ve been doing Budwig since 2009.

Kathy S.’s previous message in 2009:

I’ve been on the program 100% since the day after Thanksgiving (DCIS breast cancer). I also have Lupus, Crohn’s, pulmonary hypertension and renal failure from the Lupus. PCOS and insulin resistant. So far I have noticed that I no longer have dry mouth. I have had dry mouth for over 10 yrs so…My blood pressure which was sky high and even on medication was still up around 140-160 on top is now 105/55. I no longer have the ups and downs with my blood sugar. I was in a wheelchair with zero energy. Now I am up and walking with a walker.

Kathy S.

On Dec. 2, 2011, Re: Breast Cancer, Melanie wrote:

I was diagnosed in 2006 with a highly aggressive (estrogen dominant) breast cancer. Although I had the lumpectomy, I did not opt for the chemo and radiation as was recommended by my surgeon and onc. I then told my surgeon I was going to try an alternative treatment first. She began crying and predicted that “my body would be full of cancer within 2 years”. What she said continued to haunt me every time I had any sort of small (or not so small) negative change in my health. I would always beat myself up, because I should of done the chemo, blah, blah, blah and so on and so forth. I think you know the argument.

The healing of cancer is a long, hard journey. At least for me. There is no question in my mind, that I feel the best I have ever felt since being on the BP. Just before going on the BP, I was in very rough shape. I was confined to my house with pain and fatigue and questioned whether I was going to pull through it. I have thankfully, been able to resume a normal schedule now and am full of energy after 13 months of being on the Budwig Plan.


On Jun. 28, 2011, Re: Breast Cancer, Maria Elena wrote:

My daughter was diagnosed with Breast Cancer stage IV, with mets to the lungs & the sternum, last December….She was deteriorating very fast…I found Budwig. She began BP on April 4…had some up & downs, but her improvement has been absolutely dramatic. Today she’s living a practically normal life…she follows BP a 100% & we do coffee enemas twice or three times a week.

Maria Elena

On Apr. 30, 2011, Re: Breast Cancer with Mets, Jaytee wrote:

In Jan 2011, I had mastectomy of left breast, 32 lymph nodes were involved and i was ready for chemotherapy, even had chemotherapy port inserted. While waiting for recovery of surgery, I discovered BP [Budwig Plan], which I started immediately and followed strictly…after 2 months I went for PET scan and my oncologist said there is no more cancer! The lesion in the liver is gone! Suspected mets at kidney are gone! Suspected involved lymph nodes at chest and neck are gone! I’m so happy! The oncologist said keep up with whatever I’m doing because it’s working! He put me on ca 15.3 cancer marker test and reading was 4.2. I’m normal!

Thank u Dr JB…


On Feb. 11, 2011, Re: Breast Cancer, Carol wrote:

I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (breast cancer), Grade 1, ER+, PR+, Her2+, in October 2010. I had my first MRI on 1 Nov…the tumor measured approx. 8.2 X 5.9 X 7.4 cm. Yes, that’s centimeters….Refused conventional treatments….Stared Budwig plan Nov. 15 and Beta Glucan….At 2nd MOR on Jan. 25, tumor was approximately 62% smaller.


On July 4, 2010, Re: Breast Cancer, Carmi wrote:

I lived in the USA for almost 10 years. I was diagnosed with breast cancer Sept. 2009. I decided to go home to the Philippines for good because of my job; a very stressful job. I started Budwig Diet May 2, 2010. I discovered this alternative treatment after my 6th cycle of chemo. I could hardly walk at that time… I was advised to undergo 9 cycles of chemo, 33 sessions of radiation and tamoxifen. However, when I found the BP, I stopped everything. After my last chemo my Navarro urine test was 55. I had my second urine test the other day; it went down to 52. Imagine, only after a month that I am on Budwig diet, I am almost cancer free.


On Sept 27, 2007, Re: Breast Cancer, Patricia wrote:

Just a quick note to thank God and to thank you all for your support.
I went to see my oncologist for my once a year visit that is required
for me to keep insurance. I dread it for weeks, and this year was
especially scary because as you all know, I had relapsed with nodes
(4) in my armpit that were the size of grapes on the opposite side
from my primary breast cancer, and stinging pain in two spots in my
back, as well as the same pain in my knee. I did great right off the
bat in June…got swelling that scared me and I quit.

I came back and read the posts and got up my nerve to try again.

So the second go round I used goats milk, but the swelling came up immediately again
and it took about 4 weeks to decrease somewhat. The nodes were going
away when I messed up and ate some chips (a whole bag I am afraid…)
and the nodes jumped right back to original size. I got back on the
program and over the past month I have rescheduled my visit three
times because I didn’t want to have nodes diagnosed.

My back doesn’t hurt anymore and my knee is almost pain free – just a twinge every so often. I finally went today after I couldn’t feel anything there anymore…and guess what – neither did the doctor! I got a “clean bill” today, and you guys all know the story because I have posted all the pieces.

I am happy, and grateful, and amazed, and I just wanted to let you all know. Yes, I know that I am not cancer free – but I am here to tell you that this is better than any chemo or radiation I have ever seen…and I am enjoying my food and my life every day…and I feel good. I know a blessing when I see one…and I see it!


On June 12, 2007, Re: Breast Cancer with Mets to Bones, Janice A. wrote:

I too, like Tina, had breast cancer with mets to major bones and spine, my collar bone was deteriorating to the point of being almost flat on the left side, and gave me so much pain I couldn’t lay on my side or sit back sometimes without tears. Within a couple of weeks (back in Feb 2007) my pain, which was pretty excruciating subsided to being manaegable and has continued to get better and better. My health and well being have improved dramatically overall. The lumps in my breast are 75%-80% smaller and my collar bone has grown back some, it now has some shape again and doesn’t hurt hardly at all. I also had a serious heart arrhythmia, I was able, within a month of beginning BP, to discontinue all my meds because it basically disappeared!

I wish you well and hope you will trust in the protocol, if you do it consistently it’s totally amazing!!!

Kindest Regards,

Janice A.

I have invasive ductal carcinoma and I have refused all surgery. Two years ago I was diagnosed stage 3 as it was in my lymph nodes. They wanted to do a double mastectomy, chemo, rad etc; but I’m doing great today. Still have both my breast and I’m really healthy. I am doing the Budwig protocol along with a bit of homeopathy when I’ve need it to help with hormonal things (I’m also estrogen +). I talk to people who have chosen the other path and they have a lot of health issues, so I am happy I have chosen this way.


I have Sandra’s Budwig-videos, and after 19 years, a mammogram and ultrasound on both my breasts last week shows I am still clear! Praise be to the Bristol Cancer Help Centre which started my survival journey…I stopped using anything on my skin and in my body that might harm me. I started looking at the Budwig plan for a friend and now I follow it for myself every day, it makes sense plus it is the ONLY thing in all these years which gives a clear method, generous help and lots of hope. God bless you and love to everyone who is ill, just think though, you get the chance to get well.