On Sep. 12, 2013, Re: Bladder Cancer, Debbie wrote:

My husband was diagnosed with inoperable stage iv bladder cancer January, 2013. We started on Budwig, asparagus, and flor essence herbal tea blend, and saw a naturopath dr. who got him balanced and helped him tremendously. He is doing excellent now. The drs had given up on him, but now there is no cancer showing up on ct scans, or bladder camera checks. We also eat as organic as possible. Budwig works…!


On April 2, 2011, Re: Gallbladder Cancer, Anne-Marie wrote:

Good news! In Feb 2007, my husband was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer. His gallbladder and surrounding lymph nodes were removed. The oncology surgeon gave him 6-9 months to live. He was 82 at the time. We decided against the chemo-radiation route and introduced the Budwig protocol into our lives. His CAT scan of March 23, 2011 was clean…no recurrence of the cancer…


On Jun. 28, 2010, Re: Her Father’s Bladder and Colon, Jenny wrote:

…My Dad was battling with a fistula between bladder and colon since a biopsy in March 2010. Last night he told me everything was back to normal again – he has had no breakthrough from colon to bladder! I believe it is from BP – he has been following a strict protocol since April 2010. Every doctor he went to told him the ONLY way to heal this was with surgery – he refused. If we had listened to the doctors, he would have had total bladder & partial colon removal and would have to live with 2 bags for the rest of his life! He has not had any chemo or radiation and will never choose to either. BTW – he is 75 years old!