I have been symptom-free for more than a month now while on modified BP = 3 FO + 6 CC daily; no meat, no sugar; lots of veggies
and fruits. To date, I have not touched my Ventolin nebulizer nor inhaler. Not a single attack in two months (unheard of in my case). I’ve also quit Prednisone (steroid) and Claritin, which I used to take daily because  effect lasts only 24 hours (like most antihistamine). Definitely no  more need for Budecort either 🙂 What a relief.


I researched the Budwig Protocol after I read about on a yahoo group about 4 years ago. To help control my asthma AND terrible psoriasis. I consumed the foundation meal (flaxseed oil/cottage cheese – focc) religiously for 5 months. My psoriasis totally cleared and my asthma improved immensely. This diet, once you get used to it, helps many conditions but is used primarily for cancer. This is a “great anti-inflammatory diet.

Till this day, I eat it 3 to 4 times a week for breakfast. Be sure to follow the exact guidelines if you are on a quest to cure cancer. Also, be careful to stop consuming “focc” 3 to 4 days before any surgeries as it thins your blood nicely. I am a true believer in this diet as a “cancer preventative”.

Asthma and Psoriasis

I had had asthma and allergy since I was young boy in China, these were normally caused by cold weather and during late spring when wheat flower pollens were flying around.

Since starting the Budwig FLAX OIL & COTTAGE CHEESE recipe about two years ago, my allergy completely has gone.