Cervical Cancer, Stage 4-JoAnne S.

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I would like to give an update regarding my Stage 4 cervical cancer with mets to lungs. I last posted 5 months ago that a CT showed my tumors had shrunk by 50% after using FOCC for 3 months. I had a follow up CT two weeks ago that showed my tumors have not grown at all, and there is no sign of any other cancer anywhere.

My Oncologist is stunned. He is aware I refused all conventional therapy after my hysterectomy three years ago, and changed to an all natural food diet- no processed sugar, no processed food, no meat, cheese, dairy. He is also aware I follow the FOCC protocol and use medical cannabis oil which is legal in my State. Regardless, he said based on all cancer stats I should be dead by now. Additionally, he was amazed that I look and feel perfectly healthy.

It is important to note I have not cheated on my choice of healthy foods and daily FOCC even one time. I now view sugar and processed foods, etc., as fuel for cancer. I will never go back to eating that way. My life depends on it. So, from this stage 4 cancer thriver to everyone who reads this, the Budwig Protocol is the real thing if followed properly. Don’t give up on it!

Cheers to you all,
JoAnne “Doebucky” S.
JoAnne S.