100+ Healthiest Foods
Foods in Dr. Budwig’s recipes are shown by researchers to be extremely beneficial to health. These are the foods to focus on in your daily menu.

The Benefits of Cooked Foods as Well as Raw
The Budwig plan recommends more raw foods than those that are cooked. The diet is a good balance of both and eating raw and cooked foods each have nutritional advantages.

How to make homemade ELDI oil or order it from Germany
Instructions for homemade ELDI oil and instructions for ordering ELDI Oil from Mr. Henn in Germany.

Water and Oil Enemas – Instructions
Enemas help to clean and detoxify the rectum and colon. Also, a retention oil enema can increase the amount of healing oil throughout the body.

ELDI Oils – Instructions on their Use on the Skin
How to use ELDI oils externally.

ELDI oils used by Dr. Budwig – Introduction
Dr. Budwig created and recommended ELDI oils for external use on the skin and as an enema. These uses add to the benefits of the Budwig plan for healing.

Absorbing Sunlight has Many Health Advantages
Dr. Budwig emphasized the importance of spending time outside in the sun. Studies show that it helps us physically and emotionally.

Tips about buying, storing & eating produce
Getting the highest nutrition from the fruits and vegetables you buy.

Using Various Cheeses in the Budwig Diet
Healthy low-fat cheeses to include. What Dr. Budwig wrote and excellent suggestions.

Health Benefits of Cruciferous Vegetables
The cancer protective properties of crucifers such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, and kale have been shown by many research studies.

Become Creative with Budwig Foods
When you begin missing the foods others are eating, know that you can make your meals delicious and fun as well as healthful by being creative with choices and combinations.

Getting Protein and Iron in the Budwig Diet
It’s important to eat the VARIETY of foods recommended in the Budwig diet in order to get an abundance of nutrition of all types.

Supplemental Vitamins and Antioxidants
Dr. Budwig’s comments and one man’s experience with supplements.

Champagne in the Budwig Protocol
Sparkling wine with ground flax seeds is part of the guidelines. Consider the explanations and options.

Green and Herbal Teas
Dr. Budwig suggested having warm tea one to three times a day.

Sources for Flax Seed Oil
Where to buy Flax Seed Oil in the US and Internationally.

Cheers! Tips for Drinking Well on the Budwig Protocol
Moderate consumption of wine is an optional part of the guidelines. Here are insights into the healthiest choices.